Wilderness Lodges

There are places in Nunavut where you can get away from it all and do it all. All at the same time. The reason you come here may be to adventure now and tweet later – but up here anything is possible. Our Wilderness Lodges offer you a full suite of services from 5 star local food like muskox meatballs, tundra blueberry compote, smoked char, barbecued caribou burgers, freshly baked bannock to warm and comfortable accommodations, internet, laundry service and hot showers.

Wonderfully placed in spectacular surroundings, close to nearby outdoor activities, the wilderness lodges of Nunavut give you a natural balance of freedom, adventure and local friendships. You’ll arrive at your lodge on floatplane, boat, dogsled or snowmobile depending on the season and then head out for select experiences – trekking, fishing, wildlife photography, sea kayaking by icebergs, rafting down rapids, fat biking, para or cross-country skiing – or moving across the tundra on dogsleds, ATVs or snowmobiles.

Some lodges cater to small groups and custom expeditions – while a few specialize in specific activities such as fishing or hunting; but almost all have personalized service and can arrange any Arctic adventure you may wish to try. 

Wilderness lodges, like the people of Nunavut, strive to be sensitive to the land we live in – some are solar or wind powered, all are aware of the environment and wildlife around them and ensure visitors understand and care for the natural surroundings. And all have local guides and adventure experts on hand to guide you.