Our Top 10 Favourite Photos of the Northern Lights

Witnessing the amazing northern lights of Nunavut is not a rare occurrence, but being able to capture their resplendent beauty in a picture is a little more difficult. These 10 photos of the north lights will have you staring in awe.


The dark purples of this Aurora are subtle, but the range of colours are something that must be appreciated. From purple to blue to green to yellow with a tinge of orange, these northern lights run the gambit. Combine that with the way the five ribbons almost look like a hand reaching over the peak, this aurora is certainly gripping.


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The lights on the shores of Iqaluit are nothing compared to the swirling spectacle of this aurora. This shade of green is not unusual for northern lights, but to see it so concentrated and vibrant makes it one of our favourite photographs. We get the feeling it’s taken the shape of a giant green eye to stare back at us while we look up at it in awe.


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They say art imitates life. We’re not sure who is copying who in this image, but the colour matching between these northern lights and Aqsarniit middle school is not a coincidence. The colours of the aurora find their way into much of the art around Nunavut, like in our next favourite image…


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The beautiful colours in both the aurora and this local Iqaluit art are a sight to behold. The black of the owls background pops against the illuminated sky, and the warm colours in the wings make both the owl and the aurora pop in brilliant blues, teals, and greens. The motion of both subjects is captured in a still image, making for a marvelous display of natural beauty and Nunavummiut art.


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Camping under the aurora is a sure way to enjoy as much of its stunning dance as you want. Away from any possible light sources, the night sky will be awash with your own personal northern lights display - even if a pesky cloud gets in the way of your photograph.


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Forming an ethereal halo around this jutting iceberg, the aurora seems to have a knack for highlighting Nunavut’s amazing natural beauty and elevating it to the sublime. Keep an eye out for this iceberg though, because this isn't the last time it appears in photos of our favourite northern lights displays.


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While your first reaction to Nunavut’s powerful polar displays may be awe-struck silence, nothing beats the moment when you and your friends all say a hushed “wow” at the same time as you take in the start of the aurora’s captivating dance. The magic continues when someone starts to sway, and before you know it you're wandering around, moving with the gentle ebb and flow of your new late-night companion.


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Like a heavenly path leading off to adventure, these northern lights show how fantastically they can stream across the entirety of the wide open skies and disappear into the horizon. The way this aurora meandres off, becoming a fiery orange off in the distance, you can’t help but appreciate the lack of trees that would obscure your view of this display. You’d almost be forgiven for not noticing the spectacular display of stars behind the northern lights, but the faint fade into purple serves as a subtle reminder.


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When nights are as beautiful as this, it almost makes you wish the sun would never rise. But this photograph captures the beauty of the two light sources playing together and being reflected in the serene water below. The aurora is no doubt its brightest and most vibrant in the darkness of night, but the mixing of the cool northern lights with just a peak of the sun’s warm glow makes this a top contender for favourite northern lights photo.


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Drawing your eyes up to the resplendent display of dancing lights and pinprick stars, the northern lights in this photo are so much more than the backdrop to Nunavut’s stunning landscapes. In this photo, we’re treated to the full spectrum of colours in their glory; the yellows whip back and forth on the horizon, the greens are so bright that they burst into white, the violets streak upwards into indigo making the night sky seem almost navy, studded with a full sky of stars. It’s hard to pick favourites when presented with such stunning displays, but this photograph captures everything that amazes and inspires us about the northern lights.


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