Our Top 10 Images of 2020

2020 has been a year defined by a lot of things, but none of them have stopped Nunavut from being a beautiful place to photograph. Stunning landscapes, vibrant art, warm faces and more have made images of Nunavut a beautiful escape from the hardships of this year. Capturing the beauty of everything Nunavut has to offer, we’re here to show off our favourite 10 photos from 2020


From a time before social distancing, we love how this image captures the warm sanctuary of our iconic igloo - perfect for traditional storytelling. 





The Northern lights have to make it onto our list of best 2020 photos, and this photo is as stunning as any. The way the vibrant aurora turns the snow into a sea of aquamarine exemplifies the feeling you get when watching such a moving display - the whole world seems to change under the glow of Nunavut’s amazing lights.





How can we talk about this image without mentioning the caption from Kaapittiaq: “Our Elders conferred and came up with the name Kaapittiaq, which means 'good coffee' in the Inuinnaqtun language. Our goal with Kaapittiaq is to ensure that the world’s first Inuit coffee is one that can be described as being of ‘good taste,’ both in terms of its flavour and its commitment to the communities it serves.” A beautiful message and amazing picture of a traditionally designed fur ruff from the Cambridge Bay area. 


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We’re suckers for truly spectacular landscape photos, and Nunavut never disappoints with its variety of majestic and powerful views. The iconic Northwest Passage, rolling mountains of Baffin Island, the colourful rocks of this inukshuk - it all comes together for a photo that captures Nunavut’s natural beauty.


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Nunavut certainly looks stunning when it’s blanketed in snow, but you can’t deny that with views like this, Nunavut is beautiful all year round. Bright and beautiful Iqaluit looks even more vibrant against the green and blue. Our summertime sunlight looks as amazing as it feels.





Across the world we’re known for our dazzling aurora displays, but there’s something particularly endearing about this photo to us. While they’re common around the world, this little-rainbow-that-could jumps over the world’s tallest vertical drop - Mount Thor. Not to be outdone by the mesmerizing allure of the northern lights, this rainbow is shooting for the stars.





As winter arrives, the sunsets in Nunavut arrive earlier, get longer and are astonishingly more beautiful. There’s no better way to appreciate the dwindling hours of sunlight than seeing it cast beautiful sunsets across our wide horizons.





The colours of the Aurora are present in a lot of Nunavummiut art, and this mural in Iqaluit is an expression of our vibrant arts community, capturing the ethereal feeling of the northern lights and the significance of Nuanvut’s wildlife.





Speaking of wildlife, this mother walrus and her calf are captured perfectly in this photo off the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. We can’t help but make eye contact with her stern, protective face.





Staring out over the Ice Floe Edge at Pond Inlet, this picture reminds us to look out into the horizon of 2021, to a year when travel can safely resume and we can return to exploring the wondrous sights Nunavut has to offer.