Standout Photographers of Nunavut

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a phrase that’s used a lot. But the fantastic images of Nunavut’s landscapes, art, and people have been some of the only ways to explore so much of what Nunavut has to offer this year. These stunning photographs have kept us dreaming and planning for the days we can explore Nunavut again.

All of that is thanks to the amazing photographers who have captured, and continue to capture, inspiring and heartwarming shots of Nunavut. We wanted to celebrate the photographers who’ve contributed stunning photography for us to share.

Mark Aspland @mark_aspland

The owner and Director of Productions at Aksut Media, Mark’s photography for his Arctic projects have appeared several times in our content, and his shots are always impressive. Living in Iqaluit, Mark’s bio highlights his “extensive experience in documenting oral narratives from ethnographic accounts of myth, practical knowledge and music to modern accounts of social issues such as the deterioration of mental and physical wellbeing.” 


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A post shared by Mark Aspland (@mark_aspland)



J Ringrose @jringer87

A wildlife biologist living in Nunavut, J Ringrose’s photography takes us to the natural landscapes of Nunavut’s wildlife. Year-round, these photographs capture the wild and adventurous horizons of Nunavut.



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Michelle @beyondthegaybourhood

Adventuring out on the land, we didn’t think we could be any more enamoured with Michelle’s photography. And then we saw her dog Sami. Together they capture the spirit of the Arctic in beautiful photography, although it looks like Sami helps more with composition rather than setting up shots. Michelle’s photography always feels like taking part in a personal adventure, and we’re always happy to see where she takes her camera next.





David Kakuktinniq @kakuktinniq_phtography

An Inuk photographer in Rankin Inlet, David’s photography of wildlife and the northern lights are beyond remarkable. His variety of subjects capture everything Nunavut has to offer in stunning quality. We can’t wait to be inspired with his next photoshoots, whatever they feature.





Tammy MacKenzie @mackenziephoto

A writer, artist, and wanderer, Tammy’s ability to capture the beauty of Nunavut’s golden hours is stunning. Her photography always makes the most of natural lighting, and the sun is clearly happy to oblige her with remarkable colours and long dramatic shadows.





Frank Reardon @frankreardonphotos

Calling all aviation and landscape enthusiasts. Frank's artistic eye captures the drama and depth of this land. His work captures the reality of the work it takes to travel in the North, and the important role aviation has in our history and communities. 


David Kilabuk @davidkilabuk

This Pangnirtung based photographer focuses primarily on the landscapes of his community, bringing the bright bold colours to life over a crisp tundra backdrop. Kilabuk got started with photography in 2004, and since has experimented with digital and analogue styles. 



Niore Iqalukjuak @arcticinuk

Based in Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River), NU, Iqalukjuak's work has appeared in Vice, CBC, and even the side of a plane! His work stunningly captures the authenticity in Arctic life, an the connection to land held by so many Nunavummiut. 



Sarah Meeko

"I never leave home without my camera" says photographer, textile artist, and jewelry maker Sarah Meeko. Meeko's work captures a lot of the natural beauty found throughout her home in Sanikiluaq. She got her start as an artist when she was a young girl, and she carries the creative spirit with her today. 

A Arctic Fox peeks over a rock formation. Photo by Sarah Meeko
Photo by Sarah Meeko



Mathiew Dumond @umingmuk_productions

As a wildlife biologist, Mathieu Dumond spends a lot of time on the land - and a lot of time watching iconic Nunavut animals in their natural habitat. A privilege so many of us envy. But Dumond's passion for what he does is evident in his work as he captures stunning shots year round. 



We’ve been able to share stunning photography from these artists and many more this year, and we look forward to sharing more in 2021. For now, these photographers can take us to the far corners of Nunavut from the comfort of our own homes until the world is ready to adventure again.

As Destination Nunavut continues to grow, we’re grateful to all the photographers who give us permission to use their amazing photography. We rely on these photos to show the best of what Nunavut has to offer, and they are as inspiring to us as they are to people who want to see it all for themselves when it is safe to do so again. If you want to help support Nunavut and show off your fantastic work, tag you photography with #DestinationNunavut so we can ask for permission to use your photography here and on our social media!