Sail with history in the land of the Midnight Sun, through The Northwest Passage and the majesty of the High Arctic. A paradoxical blend of magnificent, breathtaking, raw natural beauty with the comfort and luxury on an adventure cruise ship in Nunavut. A showcase of massive icebergs, sighting beluga and bowhead whales, rare narwhals and nesting northern birds, past abandoned whaling stations, trading posts and ancient Thule campsites with side visits to pristine parks, wildlife reserves and welcoming Inuit communities and local artists. 

Arctic Luxury: Leave Your Tuxedos and Gowns At Home

Each summer, bathed in round the clock  sunlight, spectacular cruises of two weeks or longer, sailing with local experts and artists on board, offer a luxurious adventure through the waters, islands and inlets of the Arctic. One of the best ways to experience Inuit culture, exotic wildlife and history across a broad expanse of the Arctic.

Northwest Passage cruises take you to the Nunavut communities of Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven, Pond Inlet and Resolute exploring the path of the Franklin Expedition and historic resting sites of the HMS Erebus and Terror. Arctic Ocean cruise ships cross the top of the world to Arctic Bay, Cambridge Bay, Grise Fiord, Pond Inlet, Qikiqtarjuaq and Resolute. Many cruises centre on Baffin Island – 5th largest in the world – with the towns of Pangnirtung and Pond Inlet, past Sirmilik National Park with stops at the world-famous artist community of Cape Dorset. Some cruises may start or end in the capital, Iqaluit; other longer cruises also take in Greenland or Alaska. Nautical cruises through Nunavut can offer you a unique way to see  a lot of our land – from the sea. 

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Meet our Species

Nunavut Tourism has provided an excellent summary of the wild game that are available for hunting in Nunavut. As well, their hunting guide is full of useful information for those considering a hunt.

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ATV & Snowmobiling

It’s not the traditional way to get around, but it sure gets you around

ATVs and snowmobiling have become a modern alternative to trekking, snowshoeing or dogsledding. A new way to travel to the old places where you can ice fish, see the wildlife or get to and from our parks, sanctuaries, cultural sites and local communities. 

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You definitely need to discover it for yourself.

You have to see it for yourself, how the awesome vistas extend past the frame of what is represented in photos and videos. Hear authentic voices tell their stories first hand. Define your experience through direct perception, undergo a transformation through observing, encountering and participating first hand in the Spirit of the Arctic.

It’ll be good.

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What's on your travel bucket list? Experience the rare and unique arctic wildlife. Take a ride on a dog sled across ancient Inuit hunting trails. Witness centuries-old traditions in modern time. All of this is possible in Nunavut.