The Baffin Region

The Baffin Region

The Baffin Region of Nunavut is as diverse as it is iconic. Stretching from Sanikiluaq in the southern waters of Hudson’s Bay to the tip of Ellesmere Island, there is much to explore in this incredible area.

Baffin Island itself is the vision many have of the Arctic. Towering mountains and fiords rise from the sea. Glaciers mark their slow advance across the tundra and calving icebergs flow across the crystal waters of Baffin Bay. The waters of this region are teeming with marine mammals including narwhal, bowhead,, and beluga whales, as well as walruses and seals. It is here that you can spot the majestic polar bear swim up onto a rocky shore and disappear in a rainbow of water as it shakes itself dry. 

But this beauty and mystery is nothing without the context of the Inuit who continue to thrive in this difficult land. For centuries Inuit have learned the contours of the land and the currents of the water. Their dependence on the environment for food, shelter, and clothing has led to an intimacy and knowledge of this environment that is second to none. 

It is in the Baffin Region, where you will hear the tales of Inuit elders, and have the steady hand of guides show you not only where the animals live. In this region, you will see one of the strongest indigenous languages in North America spoken amongst the very young to the very old. Ancient songs continue to be passed from generation to generation and the expressions of Inuit life spring forward from canvases and ancient rocks. 

In the Baffin Region you will find a wonderful juxtaposition of the ancient and the modern and feel the vein that connects the two. In the capital, Iqaluit, you can hear languages from around the world spoken every day, yet still feel deeply connected to this living, beautiful land.