13 Travel Photos You're Not Going to Get Anywhere Else
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Travelling to Nunavut means taking great photos wherever you go. While your friend's social media feeds may be full of tired trips to European cities, making the same stale poses in front of overcrowded attractions over and over again, Nunavut is a whole new world to capture. 

Whether you're paddling on the Arctic Ocean, or watching great herds of caribou migrate over snow swept tundra, believe us when we say Nunavut travel photos will make a lasting impression.

1. From inside an igloo



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2. The amazing northern lights



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3. Inuit works of art



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4. Sunsets... on the tundra



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5. 'Cool' ways to travel



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6. Paddling the Arctic Ocean



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8. A furry family out for a stroll



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9. More northern lights 



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10. Inukshuks taller than you



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11. Glimpses into traditional life



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12. Getting around on paw power



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13. The never-ending beauty of the Arctic. 



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