Kitikmeot Region
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Kitikmeot Region

The Kitikmeot spans the northern mainland of Canada to the mythical heart of the Northwest Passage and is a crossroads of the Arctic - bringing together an amazing array of ecosystems and cultures. The most western region of the Territory, the Kitikmeot communities are abundant in wildlife. Huge herds of caribou migrate across the rolling tundra, followed by a wealth of wolves, muskox, grizzly bears and migratory birds. This rich land provides those who yearn for nature with the ultimate retreat. The waters north of the mainland are filled with marine mammals. Giant bowhead whales mix with smaller beluga and narwhals in the fabled waters of the Northwest Passage.

It is here that the true story of Arctic exploration rests. For thousands of years Inuit were students of the land and have become masters of survival in this often harsh environment. These communities have thrived through the deep understanding of the land and waters and you can experience first hand the bounties of this understanding. Local people will show you the magic of the land and will tell you the story of Arctic exploration passed from generation to generation. The spectacular story of the ill-fated Franklin expedition on the HMS Terror and Erebus in 1845 ends here, in Terror Bay where the wrecks were located and the gravesites still exist on Beechy Island. 

It is through the expertise of these people that you will be able to follow in the footsteps of early European explorers, but succeed where they failed. You will learn that the Northwest Passage and the Kitikmeot region is not a waypoint, but an enthralling destination filled with riches that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Remote lodges provide you an opportunity to connect with the land in a way that will leave you awe-struck. These experiences offer authentic interaction with Inuit culture that is both natural and immersive.

Wildlife photography and hunting opportunities are plentiful in the region and the fish caught in the Kitikmeot are some of the best you will taste. 

Regardless of what communities you visit in this region, you will find yourself amazed at this unique region of Canada. 

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