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The Best Attractions and Things to do in Nunavut
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Get up close to Arctic Wildlife 

Nunavut is home to the Arctic Big Five. Namely Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Belugas, Walruses and the exclusive Narwhal. For these reasons, it is an incredible place to come and see the world’s most remarkable arctic animals and marine life in their natural habitat. Experiences and sightings depend greatly on season and location. Early spring offers opportunities to see Polar Bears roaming the Floe Edge. While summer and fall are usually the best times to spot Narwhals and Beluga in high Arctic locations such as Resolute Bay. Narwhals can also be spotted near the shores of Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay. Muskox and Caribou can be found in communities such as Baker Lake, Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven to name a few.

For the best chance to encounter wildlife, book yourself a tour with a local outfitter.

Polar Bear Swimming in Nunavut
Credit: Jenny Wong


Explore the Great Outdoor 

The landscape of Nunavut is unlike other parts of Canada. In Nunavut, there are no trees.  Instead, the territory is made up of rolling plateaus, glacial troughs, fiords, and mountains that could rival the Rockies. It’s also the largest province or territory in Canada. For reference, if Nunavut were a country it would be the third largest. Open spaces for adventure are abundant in the Arctic. Make the most out of your trip and visit Auyuittuq National Park. There, you’ll be surrounded by rejuvenating mountains and glorious scenery. Feeling adventurous? Hike Mount Thor. Or enjoy the scenery by skidoo, dogsled, or even hot air balloon. 

Hot Air Balloon attraction in Nunavut
Credit: Jenny Wong 


Discover Inuit Culture 

Visit museums and cultural centres, enjoy country food, and guided tours led by Indigenous-owned businesses and leaders. Enjoy Art? Browse soapstone sculptures at the Iqaluit gallery or Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts in Pangnirtung. Or celebrate Inuit traditions at the Alianait Festival held in June or the Toonik Tyme Festival held every spring in Iqaluit, the capital.

Alianait Arts Festival
Credit: Akipari 


Catch an Arctic Char

Commonly found in the freshwaters of Nunavut, Arctic Char are emblematic of the territory. So much so, that the name of towns reflect the importance of the salmonid. Abundant and readily accessible, if you’re eager to catch a Char, Nunavut is your place. The best time to catch Arctic Char is during summer from June to October. In the capital, Char can be found in Sylvia Grinnell River. Further north, the community of Pond Inlet provides the opportunity to reel in the Arctic Char. However, Char can be caught in nearly every community in Nunavut.

Arctic Char in Nunavut
Credit: Marc Giorgini


See the Northern Lights 

Is viewing the Northern Lights on your bucket list? The Northern Lights, also known as Aqsarniit, in Inuktitut, are the result of solar particles entering the earth’s atmosphere. Regardless of the science, Nunavut is a prime destination to see nature's light show. For optimal viewing, visit from fall to winter, when skies are free of clouds. 

Northern Lights in Nunavut