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Northern Lights

If you’ve spent time in southern Canada, you may have seen northern lights once or twice. But the northern lights truly live in the North, and nowhere is this more obvious than in Nunavut. Our wide open horizons and never-ending skies make the perfect stage for life-changing northern lights displays - swirling flows of green and purple streaming off into the very edges of a star-filled sky. On a clear night, the northern lights can appear suddenly, inviting everyone to take a moment to enjoy their silent performance. Away from city lights, Nunavut’s northern lights come alive in sky-filling wonder like no other place in the world.

The northern lights have a special relationship with the people of Nunavut. Their vibrant colours and elegant flowing form can be seen in our traditional art or decorating our houses. Their significance is in our stories and traditional knowledge. They’re another piece of what makes Nunavut a destination like no other, and the home of a culture as breathtaking and beautiful as the northern lights themselves.

For northern lights chasers, there are a variety of ways to experience the silently sublime spectacle in the sky. Here, you can enjoy guided tours and listen to knowledge holders discuss the cultural significance of the northern lights for Inuit. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and step outside one night to find the alluring dance has already begun.

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