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Inuit Culture

Inuit culture is steeped in the necessity to work together to ensure the safety and survival of others. And so, despite a noticeable difference in outlook and perception of the world, visitors can be sure to experience curious and genuine engagement with local people. Inuit, at their core, have an innate sense of welcoming and sharing - quick to smile, wave, share a laugh, or lend a hand.

One of the other recognizable characteristics of Inuit people across the globe is incredible resilience; the ability to survive in one of the world’s harshest environments for 15,000 years is indeed something to be proud of. This resilience is present in different ways in every community across Nunavut - different parka styles are associated with specific communities and people, creating a record of cultural expression and ingenuity. 

Inuit have always been nomadic, and though many now live in settled communities, they remain thoughtful, well informed guides with intimate knowledge of the land they have traversed their whole lives. Holding the same core values of their ancestors, Inuit culture 

Nunavut is a place with modern people living modern lives in an ancient environment - the Arctic - that offers the same challenges it has for centuries. It is a place that combines 21st century ideas, technology and society with the mindset and culture that Inuit have always adapted to suit the challenges that the environment around them has posed.


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