Kivalliq Region
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Kivalliq Region

Home to millions of caribou and thousands of polar bears, the Kivalliq Region will provide you with an Arctic experience that is second to none. It is here that you will find the great expanse of the Arctic tundra- rolling hills that stretch from horizon to horizon - this is also a home for some of Nunavut’s largest lakes and rivers, providing you with not only an amazing wildlife experience, but unparalleled paddling, hunting and fishing as well.

For those lucky enough to find themselves at places like Henik or Ennadai Lake during the caribou migration period, you will witness hundreds, then thousands then tens of thousands of caribou as they slowly march across the tundra, grazing. When this happens you can literally feel the earth move beneath you and you will experience a small increase in air temperature from the mass of body heat. You can also see the smaller herds of musk ox and the occasional moose or grizzly bear. 

The nanuq, or polar bear, is plentiful throughout the region making this a unique place to see polar bears in their natural habitat. Beluga by the thousands congregate close to the shores of the region followed by powerful orca. A wildlife safari with an experienced operator will provide you with unparalleled wildlife viewing opportunities. You will be able to hike along the paths of the caribou, following their great migration and see the amazing range of wildlife these herds draw.

Several of the larger lakes in the Kivalliq Region are home to monster lake trout. Lake Trout as big as 70 lbs have been caught in these deep and clear waters. Grayling and pike are also to be found. Several tour operators provide either lodge based or camp-style fishing experiences. Our fish are delicious, especially freshly caught.

The  Kivalliq region will allow you to see this wonderful landscape through the eyes of Inuit. Hearing elders drum dance and sing ancient throat songs, you will feel the rhythm of the land and learn of the tales of survival and conquest. 


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