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Baker Lake

Baker Lake’s Inuktitut name is Qamani’tuaq, means “ where the river widens”, those who experience canoeing the great Arctic rivers – the Thelon and the Kazan - know that this is true: Baker Lake is ‘where the river widens’ having reached their final destination. Baker Lake is 40 kilometres from the geographic centre of Canada and is the only inland community in Nunavut. As a major arts community, home to internationally renowned artists including Jessie Oonark, Simon Tookoome, and Marion Tuu’luq. Some essential Baker Lake experiences include:

  • Paddling on the Thelon Heritage River and Kazan Heritage River
  • Viewing wildlife -  muskox at the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, caribou, wolverines, and marmots
  • Visiting the  Jessie Oonark Arts and Crafts Centre where community artists use the  workspace for carving, printmaking, sewing and jewellery making. The centre also offers a wide variety of local art for sale.. Nearby,  the Inuit Heritage Centre records, showcases and teaches the traditional Inuit culture and way of life

Baker Lake is located near the geographical centre of Canada and is Nunavut’s only inland community. The community is situated at the mouth of the Thelon Heritage River on the shore of Baker Lake, and is surrounded by rolling hills. During the summer, Baker Lake’s distinctive pink gravel roads provides creative opportunities for photography..

Baker Lake is the final destination for those who brave the mighty Thelon and Kazan rivers and is home to an extensive paddling community. The guides who best know these rivers have settled in Baker Lake where they continue to guide, hunt and, fish using traditional means. 

Baker Lake represents a collection of eleven groups of Inuit who originally lived throughout the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot regions. The community of Baker Lake was started with the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay trading post in 1916. The post was followed by the opening of an Anglican Mission in 1927.

Rich in culture, wildlife, and mineral resources, Baker Lake is a well established community with modern amenities and is the access point to the Thelon River Sanctuary,  a wilderness refuge for caribou, muskox, wolves and foxes, making this an ideal spot for adventure travel.

Baker Lake is also the gateway to the Meadowbank Gold Mine, owned by Agnico-Eagle Mines. The mine is located 86 kms north of the community, and is linked by Nunavut’s longest road. 

Additional Information

Communities in Nunavut have the right to determine their Liquor System. In this community, alcohol is unrestricted. The laws surrounding importation and consumption follow the Nunavut Liquor Act.

Whether you live in or travel to an unrestricted or restricted community, you need a liquor permit to bring more than three litres of spirits, nine litres of wine, or 26 litres of beer with you when you travel into Nunavut. Liquor permits are always required when you place a liquor order outside the territory.

You can read more about liquor importation and consumption here: