13 Reasons why Nunavut is the Ultimate Canadian Destination
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The saying goes “from coast to coast to coast” for a good reason. So much of our Canadian identity is alive and well in the North. Between our international reputation for our rugged ability  to withstand cold winters, and the warmth of the hearts in our communities, Nunavut is all the Canadiana you could ever want.

(Photograph by @beyondthegaybourhood)

1. You’ve never seen snow like this before.

It’s true what you’ve heard. There are over 50 words in Inuktitut for “snow”. And when you visit Nunavut - you’ll see why. There is wet snow, dry and fluffy snow, and crisp hard snow that is perfect for building with. But all of it is part of the Canadian identity that is shared north to south.



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2. The North is wild

When you think of Canada’s most iconic wildlife - Nunavut’s got them. Polar Bears? Narwhals? Belugas? Walruses? Nunavut is a complete Arctic safari, just waiting for you to capture a photograph of these incredible animals in their natural habitat.



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4. We brave the Northern winds in style

Our parka designs are steeped in tradition, and are perfect for living, working, and playing in some of the coldest winters on the planet. With giant ruffs that frame our face, and beautifully beaded mittens, fashion has not forgotten the North. In fact, if the wind is really blowing, the unique designs on our homemade custom parkas is how we recognize our neighbours on the street.



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5. We’re a pretty big deal

Nunavut covers over two million square kilometres of land. That’s over 20% of all of Canada! Between that and the most coastline in the country, that is a whole lot of space to explore.



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6. This is the home of the Inuksuk

You’ve seen this iconic way-finding symbol at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and in souvenir shops across Canada. But true Inuksuks can be found across Nunavut. Steeped in the nomadic history of Inuit culture, the Inuksuk is a reminder that you are home.



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7. The Northern lights

What’s more Canadian than the inspiring dance of the northern lights. In late summer, places in Ontario and Quebec are able to see glimpses of the lights, but trust us when we say that the best seats in the house are in the North. Nunavut is situated right under the solar wind, resulting in spectacular colours that light up the sky. It’s truly the spectacle of a lifetime.



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8. The midnight sun

Of course if you’re travelling in the summer months, you won’t be able to see the northern lights. But that’s because in most areas of Nunavut - the sun doesn’t set. Instead the sun travels around the sky, bouncing off the horizon. Picture leaving the restaurant at midnight, and it still looks like 3pm outside. But don’t forget, all that extra light means extra time for adventures. You can sleep on the plane.



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9. Steeped in mysterious history

The Arctic is not without its infamous histories. For over a century, the world has wondered what happened to the two lost ships of the Franklin Expedition. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the wreck sites of the Erebus and Terror were discovered, and historians are finally starting to find answers to this mystery. Parks Canada hasn’t opened the sites up for tourists yet, but artefacts from them are on display in Gjoa Haven.



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10. Nunavut is a paddler’s paradise

Hockey may be Canada’s pastime, but paddling is a close second. With all our abundance of lakes and rivers, Canadians are truly not afraid to get their feet wet. The same goes for Nunavut. Almost all our communities touch the Arctic Ocean, and spending time on the water is a way of life. Explore the shadows of icebergs, or drift alongside a pod of belugas. It’s paddling like nowhere else on the planet.



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11. The GREAT outdoors

If Canada is known for one thing, it’s the great outdoors. But Nunavut’s landscape redefines what is great. Mountains, ocean views, the never-ending tundra. All of this without having to fight through crowds. For the outdoor enthusiast, Nunavut is the adventure of a lifetime.



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12. Lively music scene

With long winter nights, Nunavummiut are busy making music. These bands tend to be the kind that get your feet stomping, and your body dancing. While most of them have remained Nunavut’s best kept secret for years, The Jerry Cans, and Riit have recently broke-out in the Canadian music scene. Give them a listen on your favourite streaming service.



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13. We’re about the nicest folks around

If Canada is the world’s most polite country, then Nunavummiut are probably some of the nicest people in the world. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you can’t walk far in town without being met by a smile or a wave.



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