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You can plan your animal exploration with our expert outfitters

Whether you are silently staked out at the floe edge, waiting for narwhal and polar bears, or navigating through the clear blue ocean in search of seals and whales, there is a wildlife excursion in Nunavut that will bring your dreams to reality.

Experiences and sightings across the range of our Arctic wildlife depends greatly on season and location. Our great animals are generally nomadic, and you will have to become nomadic in your search for them. But that first time you hear see a narwhal emerge from icy water and exhale sharply into the bright sunlight, you will feel something that few travellers in this world have felt. Peace. And your share of the awe of the Arctic.

You can plan your search – for viewing, photography or trekking - with our expert outfitters, but here is some general information that will hopefully shape some of your planning. It is also important to remember that Inuit maintain a deep connection to their hunting culture, and rely on many of these animals for food and clothing. In all Nunavut communities, you will see the signs of this throughout each town and hamlet.


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