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Central to the Inuit way of life, caribou move in vast herds throughout the territory. The experience of being surrounded by these herds of caribou is overwhelming- the earth shakes and there are even small temperature increases from the body heat of thousands of these majestic beats. To look out across the tundra and sense that the whole land is moving is a site that moves all of your senses. Local Outfitters will share their knowledge of their migration routes that measure in the hundreds of kilometers and their importance to the land and the people. 

Baker Lake, Arviat, Chesterfield Inlet, Rankin Inlet, Naujaat, Kugaaruk, Whale Cove, Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven and Resolute all have large local populations nearby. In recent years, the caribou population on Baffin Island have dropped off considerably. Local hunters and communities on Baffin Island are working closely with the Government of Nunavut to bring these populations back up to previous levels.




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